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A traditional and alternative funeral home in Lakefield and Norwood also serving Peterborough with Cremation and Burial.
About Us
          Licensed Staff
          Our Families
          Support Staff
          Lakefield Location
               Arrangement Room
               Product Selection Area
               Visitation Rooms
               Coffee Lounge/Family Room
               Heritage Room
               Additional Facilities
          Norwood Location
               Visitation Rooms
               Coffee Lounge/Family Room
               Additional Facilities
               Norwood Renovations
                    Before Pictures
                    After Pictures
                    Renovations Video
     Finding Us
          Lakefield Location
          Norwood Location
     Our History
          Mission Statement
     What's New
     Candlelight Services
View Online Tributes
     Choices Brochure
     Ask the Director
     Pre-Arrangement Options
     Alan Wolfelt
     Family Feedback Form
          Cremation Containers
          Wooden Caskets
          Metal Caskets
          Stainless Steel
          Rental Caskets
     Cremation Urns
          Hardwood Urns
          Marble Urns
          Garden Series
          Cloisonne Urns
          Scattering Urns
     Burial Vaults
          Non-Water Proof Liners
          Lined Vaults
          Stainless Vaults
          Copper Vaults
          Bronze Vaults
          Cremation Vaults
     Memorial Stationery
          Register Books
     Floral Tributes
          $55.00 - $100.00
          $100.00 - $200.00
          $200.00 - $300.00
          Casket Sprays
Contact Us
     E-mail Us
     Feedback Form
Site Map

66 Queen St., Box 524 | Lakefield, ON K0L 2H0 | Phone: 705-652-3355 | Fax: 705-652-5120 | Email: