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Burial Vaults

There are several reasons why Burial Vaults are used.  First of all - their strength will SUPPORT the nearly 3000 pounds of weight of earth away from the casket in the grave.  Burial Vaults are WATER PROOF as well.  Most graves are in the water table at some point of the year.   Burial Vaults are most important for the cemetery as they CONTAIN the casket and the remains of the deceased in that grave.  Without the use of a Burial Vault, due to the great pressures above, there can be lateral movement out of your grave if and when the grave is opened beside your grave.  They also  PROTECT the deceased and the casket against the entrance of any environmental elements such as insects and other living organisms.

Most cemeteries in the Lakefield, Warsaw, Lakehurst, Bridgenorth and the Apsley area have an extra charge if some type of a concrete container is not used.

A broad selection of vaults range in levels of protection from the basic concrete product to highly protective lined vaults manufactured with a combination of concrete cores with ABS Plastic liners up to Copper & Bronze lining for the maximum protection available.

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