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What is the purpose of having an open casket?

Seeing the deceased plays a very important role in the grieving process. It helps people acknowledge and accept the fact that death has occurred.

I've decided on cremation. Can I still have visitation and/or a funeral?

Yes. Choosing cremation does not preclude the option of having visitation and/or a funeral. Cremation is only the alternative to burial, not the alternative to a funeral. 

Can't I include my funeral choices in my will?

No. An up to date will is a vital part of estate planing, however a will is often not read until after the funeral has taken place. It is important to have your funeral choices recorded with your funeral home.

What should I do if the death occurs at home in the middle of the night or on the weekend?

Professional staff are available to asist you 24 hours a day seven days a week.

What is embalming?

The replacement of body fluids with preservative fluids utilizing the circulatory system.

To preserve, sanitize, and beautify the body of the deceased. This maintains the body for those friends and relatives due to arrive.

Is embalming necessary?

If there is going to be an open casket embalming is necessary. If the body will be at the cemetery or crematorium within 48 hours of death embalming isn't necessary.

What is cremation?

The reduction of the mortal remains to ash through the use of heat.

Is the casket cremated with the body?

The deceased must be cremated in a casket or container.

Want the facts on funerals?

For the facts on funerals please ask for a copy of our free Choices brochure.

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