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Visitation Rooms


Prior to the funeral service, most families choose to have a period of visitation.  While most often this occurs the day prior to the service, some feel that their own family is better served with a visitation occurring one-hour prior to the funeral.  Regardless of the period of time that is chosen, the visitation offers the ability for family and friends to pay their respects to the deceased and their family and to share memories in the process. 

Our visitation room offers a home-like setting, that is open, bright and inviting.

Arranging visitation is another highly personal matter.  It is of utmost importance that Hendren's provides a comforting and peaceful ambiance for all visitations and we welcome your input on just how you would like to see our rooms organized.  Family mementos, framed photographs or other items from your home that are important and tell a story of the deceased's life are welcomed and encouraged.  Our experience and integrity means that you will feel comfortable with your choice.

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