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Arrangement Room



With a beautiful view overlooking the Otonobee River, our Arrangement Conference Room is a comfortable setting to sit and discuss all aspects of the funeral process. 

In an attempt to allow our families to participate fully in all aspects of the arrangement conference, this room offers a computer to assist in the production of memorial videos, merchandise selection as well as death notice preparation.

Because no one working at Hendren Funeral Home is on any type of bonus or commission system you can be sure that your needs will be given their proper attention. We will guide you through the many options available to you in a dignified, low-pressure manner.


We are dedicated to providing you with the facts. We guarantee that we will fully and accurately answer any questions.

At Hendren Funeral Home we offer the full range of funeral options. You can be sure that by meeting with us we'll provide you with a solution as uniquely individualistic as your life.

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