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Wooden Caskets

Brexton Oak

Life View Panel and Memory Safe Drawer
Life View Panel
Photos are one of our most cherished ways to tell the story of a lifetime.  Wedding pictures, family portraits, treasured snapshots from favourite events…Every image captures a moment and helps to share the memory of a loved one.
The Life View Panel is designed to display photos or other precious memorabilia in the lid of the casket.  It helps the family become more engaged in the service and therefore creates a more intimate, personalized experience for the family.  Used without photos, the cap panel has a simple, contemporary appearance.

Memory Safe Drawer
A unique feature built into the casket, the Memory Safe Drawer can be used to display cherished keepsakes during the visitation, or to secure private mementos and farewell messages.

Manufacturer: Batesville
Product Number: 242572

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